After my cobbled chaos last week, I've been a nervous wreck on the bike.
Not because of the cars, the traffic or the speed. Instead, I've caught cobblephobia. 

I’ve become genuinely scared by grids, pot holes, uneven surface and the possibility that cobbles could be leering around the corner waiting to attack. Add this to the wet and windy conditions London is currently facing and I’m one step away from wrapping myself in bubble wrap and digging out the stabilisers.

“Can you not wear elbow and knee pads?”
I laughed but maybe my dad is onto something. 

My parents were down at the weekend and so we drove around London. I felt the same tension and fear when my mum drove over a bump or got too close to the curb. I also went riding on Saturday - a small 20 mile loop out to Giro Coffee and back. When I returned home, it wasn't my legs that were sore, it was a mixture of:
1. My back, arms and shoulders from excessive gripping of the breaks.
2. My head from excessive over thinking and worrying.
3. My heart from excessive jumping.

The trauma is real and becoming highly irrational. 

Being shaky and over cautious in the saddle feels very unsafe, especially in London. A city that beeps in sync when you take a second too long to make a decision, just to let you know how bad of a person you are. I've decided I need a plan to cure this recently adopted phobia. 

a. Keep riding and trust that time will work its magic. 
b. Change my tyres to 4 seasons and trust in technology.
c. When in doubt, 2 feet over 2 wheels and trust that my love of running will return. 
d. All of the above.
Or secret option e. Write a blog post and trust that the sharing of my phobia reduces it. 

If you have any other options, I'd love to hear them.
Otherwise, avoid me on the roads.