The thought of doing at least 30 minutes of exercise every day in December seemed overwhelming at the start but as I sit here on day 26, it's not been as tough as I'd imagined. A full write up on what I've learnt and why I would or wouldn't do it again will follow in January. The focus of my documenting today is the Christmas Day Run my sister and I completed. The run for roasties (and chocolate).

Fitness on Christmas Day may seem absurd to some (to many), but we look at it differently. 

We set our alarms for 0730 and agreed to be out the door by 0745. Planning is instinctive in our family and so the evening before we had worked back from the time we were leaving the house (1040) to make sure everything was in place for a seamless Christmas Day morning. Also known as, organised fun. 

I woke, said Merry Christmas through a morning grunt and eyes that were still trying to fully focus, and put on my layers. It was raining. As I looked out to the dark, wet roads I laughed to myself at what other people would probably think. Especially our neighbours who spotted us leaving the house in our leggings and running shoes like the lycra losers we are. 

"We're running in the rain but we're going to be shoving our faces later" - I laughed at the current situation with Lucy as we plodded on up the road. 

To no surprise, the first 5 minutes were the hardest. Muscles and body waking up and mind trying to accept this run is possible. The mind gets quite overwhelmed at the start of a run (or ride). The streets were lit up through the rows of Christmas lights and the morning silence was only broken by the odd car driving past (I assume they were picking up last minute milk, batteries for toys or petrol). 

Lucy and I chatted about the plans for the day ahead whilst avoiding the puddles. 10 minutes into the run and we spot a fellow runner. She jogs past as we say 'Morning'. I regret my decision and quickly say 'Happy Christmas' instead but she was away. 

As we hit the half way point and headed back to the house, I realised the importance of our run. 30 minutes gave us a wake up call, built appetite for our annual family breakfast, built memories with my sister and mind space for the rest of the day. I knew I wouldn't be wasting any time or energy thinking 'Should or could I have gone for a run?'. 

Even though we returned drenched from the rain, it was a 0730 success. The same can't go for my dad. Who, even though we have scrambled eggs every Christmas, forgot to pick enough eggs up. #youhadonejob.

Merry Christmas everyone. 


Update so far on 'Do more December':

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23rd: 1 hour hot yoga
24th: 30 minute run
25th: 30 minute Christmas Run
26th: 1 hour hot yoga


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