Rushing the week to reach the weekend. Then, complaining about getting old quickly.

This is the way most of us live. Day by day wanting time to go fast to reach our next temporary high, whilst at the same time worrying where time goes as we blow out the candles to our birthday another year older.

One way I try to get out of this pattern is mixing up the day. Not seeing life as the week v weekend, but instead hour by hour.  This thinking manifested the birth of '0500-0900 before 0900-1700'. That time is boxed off by many as 'pre work'. Just enough time to get ready aka rush hour. What if it was a scheduled part of your day, as significant as we see 9-5?

At work, we create objectives, KPI's and have Google calendars that enforce rounded number meetings. Here are this morning's 0500-0900 minutes:

Have a fulfilling morning

Complete 30 minutes of fitness
Bake snacks for two days (don't eat them all at once)
Post Office admin
Wash hair
Meet friend for breakfast
Get to work on time

- The gym is quiet at 0500. More time on the gym ball without feeling like everyone is judging you for not knowing exactly what you are doing. 
- Baking at 0600 is liberating. The world is quiet, so you can finally manage to put in 1 tsp of baking soda, not 1 tbsp. 
- Not rushing to get ready in the morning makes you feel less stressed. Who knew?! 
- Post offices have not moved with the times. Open the door and experience time travel minus 20 years. Get there early though and at least you wont need to wait for the guy in-front who has 20 ebay parcels to be sent out.
- Catching up with friends is important. 
- Caravan in Kings Cross is incredible for breakfast and coffee. Agreed to go there again at some point.
- A slow morning sets your mind up to handle things at work better. A mindful employee is a happy employee.

If your 0500-0900 came with a job interview, what role would you be going for? Fitness guru, Mary Berry impersonator, a very good walker? Decide what you’d like to make more time for, and make that time the morning.