As we go through our lives, day-by-day, we form groups of people that each uniquely enhance our happiness. Our ultimate team labelled family, our colleagues (who we see more than our family), friends that have travelled with us since school and of course our other half - the smallest but often strongest team - two people against the world.

Outside of all the above, I have a cycling team. Not a pro team. We don't race (apart from to the coffee queue) and we don't have matching jerseys (even though I do try and encourage this). We're an all female team that came together after turning up to a Rapha womens100 training ride in 2014. We were all strangers with completely different backgrounds. The one leveller - that one shared subject of interest that connects strangers when all other guards are up - was cycling. 

Two years after our first evening of laps together, they are now a group of people that offer something to my life that I wish everyone could have. We give each other a reason to share new experiences. An excuse to wake up early at the weekend. We make each other feel part of something. When we see something new - a road to ride or a coffee shop to try - we have a platform in which to action the information rather than lose it. We fuel each other's need for escapism and feed each other's need for reassurance. Together, we've been through the inevitable highs and lows of life by riding through them - across the highs and lows of UK roads. 

As humans we're driven by being part of something.
I'm now part of a club I didn't realise I needed but now have a lifetime membership to. 
Find your own cycling group, nurture it, go and create a whatsapp group with a hilarious profile picture and even when one of you is moving out the country and situations change, remember that this group will always ride it out.