Weekend cycling holidays. Full of individual ingredients that cook up a recipe I'll never tire of dining on.

This Friday I'm heading towards Norwich for a cycling weekend with work. Below is a list of why these adventures taste so sweet, and why I will always encourage others to plan their own. You don't need experience or expertise. Just a free weekend and a curious mind. 

1. The routine:

I crave the routine a cycling weekend provides. Waking up and only having to worry about what lycra you are going to wear and whether to have eggs or porridge (or both). 


2. The rides:

To test your legs and nurture your soul, you need to ride new roads. Whether your trip is to the mountains in Mallorca or grinding up the Cheshire hills, the new surroundings can only nurture and inspire with every pedal. 

3. The food & drink:

Cyclists know that nothing is more enjoyable than the post ride food and drink. Cycling weekends provide a platform where food and drink not only tastes better but is appreciated more by everyone. Cooking and eating together becomes community filled fuel.  

4. The mind-space:

Because cycling weekends are based on routine, rides and planned rest, there is more space for your mind to relax. No energy is wasted, and everything has a purpose. See next point. 

5. The purpose:

These trips give me a clear purpose. I'm here to ride. A focused mind is a forgiving mind. 

6. The aesthetics:

There are a collection of moments that I adore and have an uncontrollable urge to document. From the perfectly packed lycra to the socks & slides at breakfast, they are the moments that make us. 

7. The emotions:

We make decisions every day that will hopefully make us happier people. When on a cycling adventure (even during the pain of the hills), your emotions are always directed back to a complete sense of contentment and fulfilment. 


One of my friends stated this week "Cycling is a leveller". She's correct. It levels out the group of people, but it also levels out life. You focus on what matters, nothing else. Book a weekend away, choose a location and make sure you book a bike space on the train (don't fall at the first hurdle). Embrace being out of your comfort zone, relish the normality of eating breakfast in lycra and enjoy the enrichment that a new adventure brings.