Some things are spontaneous.
Some things take planning.
I spend most of my life doing the latter.

Inspired by Advent Running and Festive500, I decided to adapt my initial plan to ride everyday between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve to planning some sort of fitness every day in December.
This was for, of course, the physical challenge but also to train my mind again. I fear it has become lazy recently and instead of pushing myself, I'm stopping at what feels 'just enough'. There's no magic in that. 

Here's the lowdown on December so far:

1st: Birthday 30 min run in Paris, finishing at the Notre-Dame and then a croissant filled breakfast.
2nd: 5k run in Paris, finishing off with 3 fried eggs on a plate. Standard Parisian breakfast. 
3rd: 30 min run (commute) in the morning  / 15 min cycle commute in the evening.
4th: 25 min sprints up and down Putney hills, finishing off at home for dinner with my sister.
5th: 25 mile ride - birthday laps at Regents Park, finishing at Look Mum No hands for brunch.
6th: 20 min gentle yoga session and 30 min run in Putney with Lorna, finishing at the new cycle coffee shop in Putney, Dynamo.

Over the next week, I'm aiming to continue the variation by throwing in some gym sessions, morning runs with this one and more than likely some coffee shop inspired cycle. 

I've already began to:
- Fall in love with running again.
- Improve my layering skills on the bike. 
- Feel more fulfilled with my days.
- Realise that so much less energy is wasted when you commit up front.
- Question routine. More on this here (if you do one thing today, it's to watch this): 

Plan. Commit. Get your knits out.