It’s beginning to look a lot like fitness.

The first few days of my ‘Do more December’ was fun.
It was novel and my legs were keen because they naively didn’t know what I had in mind for them.

Now it’s day 10 and the suffering and stories are beginning to unravel.

Since the last documentation (here), this is what has happened both physically and mentally. 

7th: 40 minute gym: core and yoga

8th: 30 minute morning run around Southbank

Then, it began to get challenging:

9th: 30 minute morning run around Southbank
For the first time during this challenge, it was dark and wet. I stepped in numerous puddles and looked on with admiration at other runners who were still wearing only singlets and split shorts. 

10th: 5k morning run to work
Lets contextualise this run: It’s the morning after the night before. Last night we had our work dinner (Pizza East, Kentish Town. I recommend) where too much food and alcohol was consumed. The alarm this morning was partnered with a slightly sore head and a very dry mouth. Two ingredients that do not result in me wanting to lace up and struggle with a backpack for 5k. 

I’m secretly pretty happy that it’s becoming a challenge, otherwise it would feel like I cheated the system. I want to look back at this month and know I overcame 'adversity' (relative to fitness) and be able to talk about it with hyperbolic and emotional language. 

This weekend is going to be the most physically challenging yet; a 70km ride hosted by Rapha followed by a 8 mile trail run on Sunday hosted by Advent Running. Here's to more suffering and stories. 

 Image sent to my boyfriend after he text me asking if I had made it yet. 

Image sent to my boyfriend after he text me asking if I had made it yet.