Today, my sister and I signed up to an 8 mile trail run. Don’t know how that happened.

I haven’t ran that far in years.
It’s the day after a 70km ride.
My legs will already be on day 12 of my 'Do more December’ fitness. 

So even though I responded to my sisters text with ‘why the hell not’, there are a actually lot of reasons ‘why not’.

I love the idea of writing down my fears now so I can review the list after the race and, hopefully, prove that the fear itself is often worse than what you are fearing. 

1. The pain
8 miles off road is not going to be easy. I know it’s going to hurt and where there’s pain, there’s always panic. The well known battle between wanting to a better person and wanting to be a comfortable person (on the painless couch). 

2. Being able to finish
I don’t like starting something if I don’t think I’m going to finish it. 

3. Being the slowest
Oh hello ego, nice to see you. You’re always hanging around here.

4. Injury
This is a bit more of a practical fear, but there is always the worry or injuring yourself when you don’t think your fitness is up to the challenge. 

5. The off road element
The fear of the unknown. I hear mud takes no prisoners. 

6. Slowing my sister down
She’s a stronger runner than me but she’s also a better person so I know she won’t mind taking it at my pace. Still, I don’t like the feeling of letting someone down or holding them back. Flash back to the Liverpool Marathon where I was that slow, Lucy was able to check her Facebook whilst I panted heavily next to her. 

7. Embarrassing myself
There she goes again. Ego, just control yourself will you. 

The run has been put on by adidas x advent running and so I know it’s going to be full of encouraging spirit but also some extremely strong runners who will be enjoying pint three before I'm 'enjoying' mile three...

Here’s to feeling the fear and doing it anyway (thanks for the advice Susan Jeffers).