This morning was the first official winter ride of the season. When I thought I was prepared, the elements proved me wrong. Here is a quick low down of the emotional journey that was the frostbite road to the perfect flat white.

  • Making my brew this morning I felt excited to meet with my partner in crime Queen of the Mile. We love our Sunday morning rituals, especially when the ride isn't too adventurous and we know the finish line is breakfast and #topbants. 
  • As soon as I clipped in and cycled down Putney Hill to our meeting point, I quickly realised I had underestimated the ice emoji on my iPhone. My face, hands and feet froze immediately. 
  • Lorna and I headed to Richmond Park, only to be greeted by a blanket of white ice over the landscape. The coldness, before it gets too painful, is so refreshing and humbling. I use the term humbling because it reminds me of the simple beauty of being outside when it’s this fresh. I soak that emotion up whilst I can because I know soon I’ll be cursing the numbness it’s causing my feet. 
  • The little bitch of a hill in Richmond is even more upsetting during the cold. Our legs certainly weren’t warm and the cold had hit our chest, but we wheezed our way to the top. YOLO. 
  • After a few laps, we know it’s time for breakfast without even asking each other. The pain in our toes has well and truly set in and I’m so not about that ill life. In this moment I remind myself how lucky I am to have met and be surrounded by like minded cyclists; people who have similar mindsets, ambitions and behaviours on the bike. The person you ride with can change the sport completely and cycling with Lorna this morning is the perfect balance of a challenge but full enjoyment with no pressures. 
  • We take our seat in Grind and it’s bitter sweet. I couldn't be happier to have ordered my flat white and breakfast bowl but I realise that it’s going to take a little longer than one would hope to build the warmth back in my angry toes.
  • Breakfasts, coffee and Cat chat from Lorna finished. Time to ride back home, have a bit of lycra procrastination (sitting in your lycra on the couch or side of your bed trying to warm up before you do anything productive), and then spend the rest of the day exploring London Christmas markets. 

A small morning adventure gets the legs moving, the heart pumping and the soul nourished. It may have not been a long ride or one where we pushed ourselves to the limits, but not every ride needs to be. We just like to be on our bikes.

So, even if the same group of people lapped us twice and Lorna had to shout cobbles because I’m still a wuss, we love it and we're happy in the knowing that our preference is sometimes Flat White over frostbite.

Coffee stop:
Dear Santa: These please