This week, my boyfriend and I move to Germany. When did I become an adult?! 

Outside of all the exciting and new opportunities it will bring in general life, it also opens up the next chapter in our cycling world. New roads, new routes, new adventures and a new mental challenge - having to break out of the routine I’ve built over the past few years and find a different pattern. I currently have a group of people I rely on; the crazy ones who will do 10 Swains Lane repeats, the dedicated ones who say yes to a 100 miler and the inspired ones who help me train harder and faster. Without those people or familiar roads, I’ll need to trust in my ability to find a new way to train.

Over the upcoming few months, I’ll be actively searching and documenting:

German routes:

I want everything from the short hill loop to the weekend adventure to choose from. 

German coffee:

After accepting I won’t be as spoilt as we are in London for artisanal goods, having a few go-to cafes will be a novel simplicity.

German culture:

London is very mature in its cycling community. A small world where most people know most people. I’ll need to learn what is and isn’t acceptable in Germany - hopefully wearing lycra with adidas slides will be welcomed with open arms.

German groups:

Joe and I will cycle together and I’ll do quite a bit of solo training. But, I have a soft spot for group riding. I’ll ignore my self doubts that tell me to avoid a ride into the unknown and trust in those who know the roads better than I do. Even if I get dropped on said roads. 

I’ll be flying back for a monthly dose of the big smoke, relighting the fire for Regents Park laps. Until then, you’ll find me trying to order a coffee in German whilst pouring over how smooth the tarmac is. 

Auf Wiedersehen.