#newbikeday - well, almost. She was ordered today, which could be seen by some as more exciting. There’s all the hope and mystery of what your new baby will be. What you’ll name it. How their personality will develop. And, with bikes, you don't have to wait 9 months to meet her. 

Over the past few months I’ve been dreaming about a new bike. I’ve had some great memories with the bianchi and I'll always look on it with fondness as I remember the routes and roads we’ve met together. Howevever, she doesn’t fit correctly. I’ve already had a back operation and, surprisingly, I’m not waiting eagerly in the queue for a next. 

Mention in conversation that you’re looking at buying a new bike and any cyclist will light up and give you a list of their personal recommendations. From Condor to Cinelli, every rider has a reason to rate a certain model. The challenge is casting your own vote. Many times I’ve sat at home with energetic ambitions to find the perfect bike online. Deciding then doubting. Visiting stores and then taking a step back. Nothing felt right and, as most of my life decisions are based on emotions and gut, there was no purchase made. With no front runner, all that remained was the dreary sound of my relentless questions and advice seeking. 

I did had a few moments of inspiration. The first time I saw Festka bikes. Or, when I explored the Canyon website and came across their beautiful aero handlebars. But as well as my aesthetic indecisiveness, there was also the small issue of logistics. It needed to be eligible for the bike to work scheme and be within my price range. Neither of these bikes passed the boring tick boxing. 

After many rides staring at other people's frames (not code), several whatsapp conversations with 'London Cycling Queens' (our badass whatsapp group) and one large 'fuck it’ moment, this week I decided on a Condor. 

I cycled over to their Kings Cross store at lunch time. With debit card in pocket, I had those butterflies you experience when spending quite a bit of money and know the decision will have daily repercussions. I can only compare it to being en route to getting a tattoo. The key difference is one feels life changing. And it’s not the tattoo.

After 30 minutes in store and several huge decisions later (like the colour of my handlebar tape), we’d finalised the specification and completed my fitting. After experiencing size 38 handlebars for the first time, I knew this bike was going to change my life. Dramatic - not sorry. All I have to do now is wait (for 5 weeks) for the bike to be built and to receive the glorious email in my inbox with the subject title: Ready for collection.

After accepting that I was ready for such commitment, I’m excited to soon be the owner of a new Condor Acciaio. No need for a baby shower but advice on how to handle it for the first few months would be welcomed.