Ever since I can remember, I've documented.

In year 4 I loved the weekly ‘reading log’ we were asked to complete. I’d spend hours recreating the Jacqueline Wilson illustrations by Nick Sharratt. 

In University I had a range of sketchbooks covering travelling, daily inspiration and quotes I heard and wanted to remember: https://www.instagram.com/p/nBJyArP8cc/?taken-by=kittypp

Now, I’ve moved the documenting online.

Here are 5 favourite things I am currently all about: 

  • Grinds instagram feed: They’ve nailed the perfect balance of knowing your audience and content you want to look at. Chapeau on the latte art you barrista gods. 
  • Winter rapha cycling tights: I recently began working at Rapha and bought these winter tights. I’m obsessed. If it wasn't for the chamois, I’d be wearing them right now and be very happy with my comfort levels.
  • Opera: This week I heard a quote from Simon Mottram: ‘If you’re into cycling, you have to listen to Opera’. Sold. I’ve officially changed my Kanye West to Pavarotti.
  • Tahini: This is my new peanut butter. My sister and I put it on everything and then add a bit more. If you’re into sweet potato, green stuff and vegetable based dishes, get involved with this sesame paste of the greats.
  • Camden Watch Co: I met the guys at CWC last year when I visited their pop up store in Camden. They are an inspiring duo who have created a beautiful watch company driven by attention to detail; from the colour of the second hand mirroring the blue of Camden Lock Bridge to the packaging that reflects the rich heritage of the area. I recently attended the launch of their new range and was yet again in awe of their ambition, design talent and contagious attitude to the wonderful brand they've built. 


“Having people watch while I [document] would be a bit of a buzz kill. Don’t tread on my Zen, man.” – Butch Belair"