Cyclists have a vast amount of information available to them. From core stretches that promise a faster 100 miles, to Pro athlete nutrition that we can adopt in 'seven simple steps'. With this, however, also comes a constant haze of confusion. We seem to question if we are training smart or if we are eating the right food, both on and off the bike. The busyness of life also means after a ride we don’t often have time to relax and recover. Constantly on the move but often feeling stuck in a training glass cage of emotion. 

For three days last year, I travelled to Dorset for a weekend with On the Rivet (OTR: a luxurious cycling retreat in the UK). The trip included some tough days on the bike, but also provided the biggest mind-detox, I’d argue, I’ve ever had. Everything was taken care of. From the bike mechanic to the cycle routes, to when you need to wake up and go to bed and what you’ll eat in between. I may have rode my first 24% gradient hill, but the hardest decision I made was whether to have my gin & tonic before or after my massage. I was finally out of the glass cage and moving forward with both my training and relaxing. 

If over Easter you’re looking at booking your next holiday, here’s 5 reasons why I’d recommend you consider an On the Rivet retreat:

1. No ‘What training should I do this weekend?’

I’m constantly thinking about what ride to do next. Do I have the garmin route? Wait, do I have my garmin? Should it be flat or do I tackle hills? What time should I leave and from what coffee stop? Questions that you try and control to make your ride a harmonious combination of challenging yet still enjoyable. During the OTR weekend, you can turn off that ‘ridewithgps’ and take the energy normally spent on deciding what route to ride and use it to push harder on the next hill.

 At the top of the 24% gradient hill

At the top of the 24% gradient hill

2. No ‘What should I cook this weekend?’

As cyclists (and as humans) we are forever planning, cooking and eating. During the OTR weekend you won’t once have to think about how long your food needs in the oven or whether you have enough milk in the fridge. Every meal is taken care of with the precision of Pro athletes and the taste of a luxury all-inclusive holiday. 

 One of the wonderful mid-ride packed lunches

One of the wonderful mid-ride packed lunches

3. No ‘I hate public transport delays!’

You’re in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by only positive energy, hills waiting to be ridden and home-made peanut butter in jars wrapped in ribbon. Sorry public transport, you’ve got a few less customers this weekend. We’re too busy splitting turns on the front to think about splitting über fares. 

4. No ‘How do I fit everything in this weekend?’

Not only is the agenda taken care of, but it’s been devised so you have a perfect balance of doing and doing nothing. Something which is hard to get right in day to day lives. 

5. No regrets!

You’ll be hangover free and stronger than when you arrived. With the help of Jim (a qualified British Cycling coach, advanced personal trainer, gym instructor and spinning coach) you'll leave with a bank filled with cycling knowledge not night club transactions. 

 The morning view from our cottage

The morning view from our cottage


If you’re interested, here's the weekend agenda:
Debbie, the wonderwoman behind OTR, can answer any other questions you have.

For the record, I chose gin & tonic after the massage, whilst on my way to the spa.
After all, I didn’t want to be dehydrated when I was in the Jacuzzi.