This morning, I did my usual cycle to work. It’s a short commute, just 3 miles, but it’s through some very busy Central London roads. Over the past few months I’ve had a strange relationship on the bike. If you’ve read my other journal entries, you’ll know this kicked off after a dark and wet cobbled incident in October. However, this morning was different.

As I put pedal to metal (in my new shoes), I felt a sense of calm and contentment - something I’ve been really missing. The bike was moving smoothly, I felt steady but strong and I realised I was in love with cycling again. I also realised the wind was behind me which is why everything felt so effortless, despite me hoping it was due to more emotional reasons.

I never actually fell out of love with cycling but my mind was polluting itself with negativity and doubt. They say time’s a healer. I guess ‘they’ is right. 

These people are also right: 

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop"
“Sometimes you’re the hammer. Sometimes you're the nail"

I’m continuing my ‘Do more December’ with fitness everyday this month, inspired by Advent Running.  This week I’ll be returning to a few known hills to say hello to the pain cave and continue to say goodbye to self doubt. 

Never mind telling your legs to shut up Jens Voight, tell your mind.