I was lucky enough to ride twice this weekend. Double the fun. Double the breakfasts. 

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I rode about 65km on a Esher 'Giro Cafe' route. It was mid December but neither of us had gloves, overshoes or a face covering snood in sight. It was a treat that didn't go unnoticed. In fact, I think I commented on the weather more often than I changed gears.

When on a ride, you have a lot of thoughts - most of them featuring reasons you want/need a new bike. However, you also process internal conversations you don't normally have time to listen to. You're experiencing a very rare time; travelling yet extremely still with your thoughts. You have time to consider but not get distracted. When you're focus is on the roads, it's both your body and mind that travels to new places. 

During the weekend, I realised that 'space' is what I miss most when I'm unable to ride. It's not just the physical (I can replicate that at the gym), it's the opportunity to digest what's going on in my life and refocus on what's important. I've always loved the insight: 'Our minds are like bins. To fill them, we must first empty them'... 

Thank you weekend and thank you cycling, for taking out the trash.  

 Richmond Park

Richmond Park

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Do more December Update:

11th: 30 minute morning gym session
12th: 40 mile #BraverThanTheElements ride in The Chilterns
13th: 8 mile Trail run in Richmond Park with Advent Running
14th: 30 minute morning gym session
15th: 5km run around Southbank
16th: 40 min cycle
17th: 5.5km run to work
18th: 45 min morning Laps Regents Park and coffee at Fields Beneath Kentish Town
19th: 40 mile Giro Coffee Ride
20th: An hour ride around Regents Park, finishing at Bear & Wolf Kentish Town